Getting gamers moving by improving their gaming rank, using their physical health. With every workout at the gaming gym, their gaming rank with be improved. 
Nike work in collaboration with the biggest twitch streamers to design the gym and create a coaching team. Streamers include; Xaryu, an advocate for health and fitness and rank 1 in North America for World of Warcraft, Valkyrae, the most watched YouTube streamer since 2020, Tyler1, one of the most popular League of Legends personalities. 
On the screens of the equipment, gamers can choose their exercise program based on their fitness level, whether it be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. Crafted after the ranking system used in the games they know well. Bronze will involve sessions that have less reps, lower weights, and lighter cardio, diamond the opposite. 

Exercise programs can also be accessed at home via the Rank Up gamers section on the Nike training app. Work in partnership with the 5 most popular e-sport games allowing gamers to translate their exercise into points. The more exercises they complete, the more they rank up their physical health, and online status. 

We launch the gamers gym with a twitch live stream with our coaches, where they give a tour of the gym, followed by a live workout led by Xaryu. 

We will create Nike Rank up skins that gamers can use when playing their games.
As well as Rank up Nike merch for gamers; headphones, hoodies, everything they need to be comfy behind the screen, and at the gym. 

We will also create a nike ID range that allows players to design their own trainers that they can digitally also wear on their gaming characters. 
Click ‘see on player’ to see what they would look like on.
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