Written by Eleanor Farish
Ava-lien. Art director. Has a lot of ginger in her hair. 
When she’s around, there’s always a sweet scent of lychee in the air. Tell her a problem, and she’ll most definitely reply; “I’ve got an essential oil for that”.
 And as a classic ex art student, a thrift store is her natural habitat. 

She’s the only person I know to manage 3 years of 6am yoga, before 9am’s at uni.
 (Although I refuse to leave out the part where she gets so frickin hangry). 
And she's one of those people that orders a takeaway, but chooses sushi (that will be the hanger).
She’s can’t sit still. Has a constant need to be busy. Is a bit posh. Paints a lot. And one day she’ll have a business that’s all about sustainability.
She’s an absolute sucker for a fancy coffee. And trust me, you definitely won’t go a day without her teaching you something about greek mythology. 

She'll tell you whats what without giving zero clucks, and she walks with this kind of swagger and grace that screams future big bucks.
Written by Ava-Lien Shoshan
​​​​​​​(Proof read by Eleanor)
Eleanor Farish, an Epsom girl ventured into the big smog. 
Spot her in her local costa, where they know her by name. It's there that she tripods a Kindle in one hand, while the other smoothly relays the oversized oat milk latte between the table and her lips. To the average eye it's a perfectly serene scene, when in fact she's devouring her 3rd book of the week (it's Tuesday). 
When she's not engrossed in books, her minds on brunch. 
She'll only be halfway through an obnoxiously healthy açai bowl before she’s already plotting the next meal, and the cocktails with it.
In the evenings spot her on the dance floor where she’s both the life of the party and the mum of the group, training to be a fire fighter by binging Chicago Fire, or at the gym powering through a Pamela Reif workout. 
She may have the metabolism of a growing teenage boy, the coffee habits of a seasoned Ad Exec and the creative flair of Van Gogh (but with both ears intact), but her patience in both life and the work environment (including my caffeinated self) has more in common with a doped up Yoda. 
Ava taking peoples money for a good cause with cake. 
Eleanor being an elf. Except she's 5ft 7.  Try wearing that costume in a tiny log cabin with a fire every night of December after school. Spoiler alert, it was hot.
Eleanor, karaoke queen (because to be a karaoke queen you have to be tone deaf). Try and read the lyrics on the screen without singing the song in your head. Bet you can't.
No chill with Ava; raised almost 2k with a 12h non stop walk. You're lucky you can't see the state of her feet.
Eleanor as a spirit animal. Also her favourite horse where she volunteered at Riding for the Disabled while at high school. One of the most rewarding experiences of her life.
Despite her shoddy knowledge of the english language and dropping science at A- level, Ava still by some miracle volunteered and managed to teach everything healthcare related to Thai children. 
Our uni didn't have a ball. Ava wanted one. So she single handedly organised a ball for 120 students with DJ, photographer, 3x courses. 
Eleanor getting messy. And making other people join in. Sadly by the end of the day the colours all mixed into a strange rust tone, and our clothes had to be thrown in the bin. 
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